DStv Online: Meet The Masters

At DStv Online , our seamless grasp of entertainment, social media, business and digital, not to mention our love for tech, our eye for design and our almost geeky determination to remain pioneers in all of the above, attracts some of the sharpest, most devoted minds in the business.
As 2012 rolls on and our digital lives continually merge with all forms of social interaction and entertainment, we would like to introduce you to the folk responsible for ensuring we retain our deserved reputation as masters of the entertainment age.


Deftly scanning the SuperSport Facebook and Twitter spheres, this first lady of social ensures all conversations online – bearing any concern to our world class sporting products – are peppered with accurate news and updated answers to fan queries: introducing our trusted SuperSport Social Media Coordinator, Rikashni.

A Day In The Life

With an outstanding track record of almost single-handedly bringing the SuperSport social media contribution to 100 000 fans, and 20 000 on Twitter , this lady knows how to master the inner-workings of the current social media conflagration.

‘My job is to ensure that SuperSport’s Facebook and Twitter accounts get updated with the latest sports news,’ she says, ‘as well as to respond to fan queries about schedules and issues they are having with any products.’

Career Highlights

Apart from loving the passion and sporting drive of our great online and subscriber community,Rikashni cites the immense power social media brings – and the fact that she gets to wield it – as a glaring career highlight.

‘(It’s very fulfilling) being part of such a passionate community of sport fans and being able to have some small influence over the way they interact with the company (DStv).’

Additionally, her career has allowed her opportunity to be part of the ground-breaking television and social media combined developments that SuperSport and DStv are spearheading:

‘One of the big developments lately has been social integration to TV. All studio shows for Euro 2012 and for the incoming (sic) rugby tour have an element of social media in them – fans are encouraged to share their opinions via Facebook and Twitter and they could appear on screen or be read out by the presenters on air.’

The Job: Highs And Lows

We asked what it was like to be a lady in a predominantly male environment. She flagged it as a challenge to the job, but stressed that she knows exactly what she’s doing:

‘It’s tough, there have been times when people have questioned my sports knowledge or understanding based on first impressions, but I just have to stand my ground and make sure I get my opinion and knowledge across… I just go along with their assumption, in my mind it doesn’t matter whether there’s a male or female behind the account – I guess it’s just natural for people to assume that there would be a man chatting sport!’

At DStv online, we pride ourselves in existing as a digital entertainment hub mastering all aspects of the combination of that entertainment with the power of social media, and all within an exceedingly fun and dynamic working environment. We asked Rikashni to describe, succinctly, the highs of being part of the DStv family:

‘It’s a young, innovative, easy-going, challenging culture,’ she says, ‘the atmosphere is great and very laid-back and the people are helpful and friendly. It’s great to be part of a company that is so innovative and forward thinking.’