Screen Culture Forecasts

The evolution of digital has changed the way we live our lives. We don’t need to think for more than a few seconds about the complexities that have been made simple, jobs like ours that have been augmented and the number of businesses that have been taken online . Digital is a part of our future, if not the defining factor of our future, and with it comes screen culture.

What is screen culture? Well, to some it’s a trend, to others it’s the way of future life. To translate it without any given definitive meaning, screen culture is the advent of everything being communicated via screens; the merging of online and offline into one medium and having it being made available onscreen. Whether those screens are Televisions, laptops and computers, iPads and tablets, phones, Kindles, billboards and the like; life will continue to turn with the ever-expanding use of screens.

Children Taking To Screens

School curriculums are being based more around the fact that children have access to computers and the Internet in order to do research. Do children even use libraries anymore within which to do their projects? It’s not necessary to leaf through shelves full of books when all of said books are showcased on the web. Interactive classes are offered during a normal school day where each child learns how to use operating systems at the same time as unwittingly being moulded for life in front of the screen.

This YouTube video went viral towards the end of 2011. It clearly, and rather succinctly, displays how a baby has already been guided into screen culture without ever having known the value of traditional methods of communication, such as newspapers and magazines.

Do we feel sad about this? Or do we embrace the future, knowing that progress is what will drive us towards bigger and better things? One thing’s for certain, screen culture is only set to become more prevalent.

The Future On Screen

Where do we go from here? We certainly don’t go backwards. Can you imagine life without your iPhone or Android? Do you remember being unable to update your Facebook status from your phone? When was the last time you went into a meeting armed with pen and paper as opposed to your iPad or laptop? Convenience is key here. And with all these devices being interlinked, having access to the net and being completely portable, why would you operate in any other way and complicate your life in doing so?

The use of the screen will only continue to evolve, as we’ve seen since the introduction of SmartPhones and tablets. Do you think you can predict what will be the next instalment in screen culture? Share your ideas