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Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: So Many Choices

So, we love reading. That’s why the DStv-O team’s so smart – it didn’t just come naturally. We’re just saying. As much as we do love a good book in our spare time, lugging a 500 page novel around sometimes looks a little nerdy but now there’s a way to look trendy while completely engrossed in a book: the e-ink reader.

There is a wide variety of mid-priced colour tablets such as the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet and even the more expensive iPad all putting out their hands for your e-book cash dollar. With this much choice, making a decision regarding which one you should buy could be a little difficult. We’ve been through this dilemma though and we’ve put together a summary of each of these three e-book readers so you can make an informed decision.

What Exactly is an e-Book?

Just to clear things up, when we talk about e-book readers, we’re referring to three main classes of products: black and white e-ink readers, 7-inch colour LCD media tablets and full-size colour tablets like the iPad. The market it consolidated around a few major players such as Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble.

Do You Want to do More Than Just Read?

What exactly are you looking for? Do you just want to read books? What about magazines and newspapers? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Us DStv-Oers also need to include questions such as: Do I need multimedia compatibility, audio books or video? And of course, I can’t forget about my gaming!

Did you answer, “just reading” to question number one? If so, an e-ink reader is perfect for you and they come really close to duplicating the experience of reading a book. While they do have a few online features, you won’t be easily distracted by incoming emails, tweets or Facebook messages.

Everything’s Better in Colour, Right?

If you need more functionality and a colour screen is a must for your tech-savvy self, you need a tablet, an iPad 2 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 may be the technological equivalent. They can also replace laptops to a certain extent, one of the reasons we love them here at DStv-O.

New Stuff! We Love New Stuff!

Barnes and Noble has released an affordable 8GB Nook Tablet and it seems like Apple will be releasing their iPad 3 this month. But we know how unreliable rumours can be so don’t get too excited about the newest addition to the Apple family just yet!

Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

There is however, one more choice. Smaller tablets that split the difference between e-ink readers and full size-tablets and with introduction of the Nook Color and Tablet as well as the Amazon Kindle Fire, there’s more variety now.

There are some tough choices out there and as much as we’d like to make this decision for you, we are very democratic here at DStv-O and truly believe in freedom of choice. So off you go – wander off into the world of e-book readers and make sure you let us know which one you chose!