Ten Super Cool Interactive Websites

We’ve all seen them – millions of websites that look the same and do exactly the same thing. The DStv-Oers have compiled a list of the most interactive website out there based on the emphasis they place on interactivity as well as their motivational level in terms of user experience.

Rally Interactive

This is a logical masterpiece where you roll over triangle shapes to enlarge the entire image within. Once you’ve clicked on the shape, it turns into a circle and with the visible menu slide, the search for specific buttons becomes effortless.


This website inspires us DStv-Oers to do great things! When you click on any of the menus, the page doesn’t change; only your location on the main page does. We may have had our noses pressed up against our screens to predict where the developer got this insane idea from. But you didn’t hear that from us!

2 advanced

The interactivity this website offers users really blew our minds and we never ever expected to find anything nearly as overwhelming as this. Overwhelming in the way that makes us love being us – the people who compile lists where amazing feats of technological brilliance are achieved. Check this site out right now and prepare to be stunned by its awesomeness!


This is one of the most unique websites we’ve ever come across here at DStv and as you access the site, the screen will simply hold a ton of buttons. When you click on the menu buttons, a different screen will pop up. Only this screen will be draggable and you may even be able to play around with it. That’s where the difference comes.


The official website of the new Citroen Ds5 is designed to reach its customers and visitors with the highest quality interactive photographs. Its functions and photos made it a favourite amongst DStv-Oers.

There you have it: Part one of the most amazing list in the world compiled by DStv-O. Ok, so that title may seem a little biased but once you’ve had a look at these sites, you’ll definitely be begging us for more. Let us know if we’ve missed anything and what you thought about part one of our two-part series. Until next time!