Tech Trends to Watch in 2012

We’re back and this week we’re bringing you some of the coolest tech trends to watch out for in 2012. This brings us DStv-Oers great pleasure because, as you know, we love ourselves a bit of tech in the mornings.

An Apple a Day

Apple is always up to speed with what’s happening in the world of technological advances; something which may explain the exceptionally high profit margins, as well as the high-profile product releases. The firm managed to hoard more cash than the gross domestic product of many small countries. Here at DStv-O, success stories like that of Apple give us hope for the wonders that await our minds in the future.

Blackberry Users Continue an Exodus

The onetime leader in smartphones, Research in Motion, is continuing its tumble and recent usage number show that Blackberries account for only 16.6% of smartphone usage. Blackberry has also announced that its next generation of phones won’t be available until late this year.

4G LTE Is On the Rise

So, while every wireless carrier out there says it has a 4G network, there really is only one that deserves to say that: Verizon. The acronym, LTE, is the new catch-phrase. It stands for long-term evolution and other carriers including AT&T and Sprint are aiming to introduce LTE into Michigan this coming year. This means we can expect some of the crazy fast download speeds Verizon users have had since 2011. Spot the biggest DStv-O smile!

Apple Releases iPad 3

Apple, of course, isn’t hinting at what the iPad 3 will include although the DStv-Oers did spend our lunch break taking bets on what to expect. Our money’s on the addition of a high-resolution display and a new Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant. What do you think it’ll include?

Facebook Flies. For Now

Facebook is becoming a platform for more and more of our online and offline lives and after showing off its vision for a frictionless social Web last year, only a handful of services embraced it. All we’re saying is that perhaps you shouldn’t get too comfortable with your trusty social networking platforms as we’re betting on a few upsetting changes to the site.

Be sure to keep your eye on the game this year and don’t miss out on the metamorphosis of all that is tech and trendy. And don’t forget to consider what our world would be without technology as a whole. One thing we’d definitely miss is hearing from you. Don’t forget to let us know what your thoughts on this post are!