Social Media Trends for 2012: Part Two

The last DStv-O blog was the beginning of a journey into the discovery all the newest trends social media has to offer. This excited us Dstv-Oers tremendously and we’re so excited to look at what else the ever-evolving world has to offer us!

Just to recap, we’ve looked at the re-emergence of MySpace as well as the up and coming dual screen focus between televisions and mobile phones and computers so far. This week will delve deeper into the land of the known (it’s not really unknown to us cool kids here at DStv-O) and consider the new AirTime launch as well as the Facebook expansion!

3, 2, 1, LIFT OFF!

Serial entrepreneur Sean Parker announced a new project called AirTime will be coming out soon. It will have similarities to video chat services. People are very interested in this project because as the majority of us nerds know, Parker is the brain behind Napster, Twitter and Facebook to name a few.

Video services have become signature features in big Internet companies and while very few details have been revealed about AirTime thus far, we can be sure everyone will know about it. And you may just have DStv-O to thank!

One Word – BILLION

The beginning of 2011 saw Facebook reaching 650 million users. At the end, this number had risen to well over 800 million. Predictions are running wild with the one billion mark being mentioned for 2012. With estimates putting Facebook’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) at $10 billion with a valuation of more than $100 billion, Facebook’s definitely hitting the billions. And hard!

This milestone will provide a challenge though because continued growth such as that experienced by Facebook since its launch, means that there will need to be serious talks about Web sharing censorships such as those in China.

Well, we feel much more prepared for this year in terms of technological expansions on the social media front. And we want to be just like Sean Parker when we grow up

Anyway, see you next week for the last instalment of “Social Media Trends for 2012”. Keep us posted on your thoughts and any suggestions you might have.