Social Media Trends for 2012 : Part Three

Welcome back to another session with DStv-O where we pick up on the hottest trends influencing the social media realm. Us DStv-Oers know how dependant our lives are on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, so we can only imagine how impressed you’ll be with the new twists invading your screens.

Legal Battles Take to the Stand

January saw a legal battle between a former PhoneDogg blogger and the publishing company who owns the Twitter followers he accumulated over his time with the company. Noah Kravitz left last year and made an agreement with the company stating that he would occasionally post content in exchange for holding onto his Twitter account. The company however, sued Kravitz for damages equalling $340,000.

Writers spend a lot of time of time on Twitter creating a brand for themselves, adding value to their insight. These writers were obviously very interested in this case and were not very impressed to hear that all their work would stay at the company once they moved on.

This year will see publishing companies putting together very specific rules regarding the creation and maintenance of Twitter accounts and who gets the followers should the employee leave.

Buzz Words That Will Make You Cringe

Every year, there are new words that become part of our vernacular. Here at DStv-O, we thrive on these words knowing it makes us sound, well you know, smart. Many platforms have boosted their user-base and created revenue models for their services and this year will see an explosion of new names and words!

Gamification: 2012 will see advertisements and services being made into games complete with badges, notifications and the exchange of virtual goods for online service interaction.

Mocial: An amalgamation of social and mobile. But just about every company will be focusing on this in 2012. With studies showing that most people access social networks through their cell phones, mobile functionality is key to the growing dependence. By improving the usability of the mobile web access, the word mocial may well become part of big conversation in 2012.

And there you have it: social media in 2012 in three very concise blogposts. Be sure to keep in touch with us here at DStv-Online and let us know if we’ve left anything out. Go forth and socialise.