Mobile Application Trends for 2012

2012 will see an influx of important mobile applications that will focus on high-end devices. To say us DStv-Oers are excited may be a slight understatement. We’re ecstatic and can’t wait to try them all out!

Gartner, Inc. has identified a few of the most popular, cutting-edge technologies and trends for mobile phones in 2012. They believe that mobile applications will play a bigger part in user experiences and will compete in a highly competitive market that’s got many stakeholders’ tongues wagging.

Location, Location, Location

One of the main enablers that allow services to be delivered to users is location. Gartner’s expecting the total user base of consumer location-based services to reach 1.4 billion users by 2014. Location-based services provide features that tune into the user’s context and tap into a more intelligent user experience.

Social Networking for the Win

Mobile social networking is the fastest-growing consumer mobile app category according the Gartner and they are now taking in increasing amounts of network traffic. Global social sites will be driven towards providing services in conjunction with third parties who use open APIs and are able to evolve to a role as an infrastructure provider. See more about social media trends for 2012 on the DStv-O website.

Hide and Seek Goes Mobile

Visual search is usually related to product search and enable consumers to compare prices or check out product information. New visual search apps will allow users to take action based on the results such as making a booking, placing an order etc. Gartner suggests that mobile device vendors partner with search providers to integrate the technology.

With mobile apps themselves to generate revenue of around $15.0 billion in 2012 alone, hardware sales, advertising spending and technology innovation will also increase. Brand companies are expected to shift their marketing efforts to the mobile channel and experiment with cutting-edge apps.

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