The Internet has become a part of our daily lives. Not just among DStv Online’s crack squad of digital gurus, but for everybody. It shapes the way we think, the way we communicate, the way we interact, the way we entertain ourselves and, increasingly, the way we work. The Web is driving innovation. DStv Online aims to be right at the forefront of this innovation, riding the crest of the wave of progress.

DStvO takes a look at how businesses are going to have to change the way they think and operate to stay ahead of the curve.

Planning for the Future

The most enduring truth about the digital world – a world which businesses are becoming forced to immerse themselves in – is that it’s always changing. Newer, better, shinier and faster are always just around the corner, and it is the job of tech-savvy companies to shape their planning around inevitable progress.

This requires research. What new technologies are being developed and refined? Have you heard of  near- field communication, augmented reality or the Internet of things? What companies are backing them? What start-ups are going to be tomorrow’s Amazons and Googles? These are all questions that need to be asked and evaluated, lest your company be left behind.

The Rise of the Mobile Web

More technology means more platforms to cater for. We have already seen this with the explosion of the mobile Web. People are connected everywhere they go, surfing the Web on smartphones, tablets, portable gaming consoles – anything with a connection and a browser.

This means that businesses have to adapt all their online content and marketing efforts for new platforms – apps, mobisites, location services, etc. Moreover, it also means that they need to capitalise on the strengths and nuances of mobile devices, improving the experiences of clients and employees alike. Whether this be hotel chains using iPads for mobile guest service portal or enterprises providing intranet access on-the-go to their employees,  it’s about exploiting the strengths of innovation rather than paying lip-service to the idea.

The Social Workplace

It’s clear then that, more and more, technology and the Web are shaping business practices rather than vice-versa. There’s no more clear indication of this than with the rise of the social workplace – building on the success of social media as a communication tool, and utilising its strengths to enhance productivity.

What was traditionally thought of as the enemy of productivity, is now been used by “the dark side” to make businesses work smarter. Wikis, blogs, interest groups, resource sharing, ideation engines, social bookmarking and even social gaming are being used to improve the way businesses operate. DStvO hopes to take these lessons on board and ensure that it is at the forefront of technology, using them smartly to make your lives (and ours) better.