DStv-Oers are always keen to see where technology is going, just in case we’re lagging behind. Funny right? We’re never behind on anything, especially not something as mind-blowing as new social media technology and trends!

The next three DStv-O blog posts will look at social media trends for 2012 and consider everything from politics to legal battles to prepare you for a year filled with more social media innovation than ever. There will be tech IPOs, acquisitions and major moves to the crazy mobile world we live in.

Focus now everyone!

The first trend we’ll look at, is social second screen experience. We’ve started seeing TV programs create hashtags for where viewers can stream live to comments about Glee and American Idol, to name but a few. 2011 stats show that 86% of people were using their mobile phones while watching these shows and tweeted and commented about them.

You don’t need to focus on international shows though; Come Dine with Me South Africa is taking a stand on social media too. The hashtag, #comedinesa, has allowed DStv viewers to get involved in the onscreen action and some tweeple are providing more entertainment than the actual show. Come Dine With Me South Africa: Top tweets on the DStv page looks at some of the fans’ chirps and even compares them to the show’s host, Dave Lamb’s, wit.

Many companies have begun capitalising on revenue available from advertising and created services like GetGlue. Using this, you can ‘check in’ to a TV program like you can on Foursquare. By April, this service will have amassed 1 million users! Who wants to be a part of that kind of number? We do, for sure!

The Battle of the Trends

Guess what’s making a comeback? MySpace! This year, MySpace has recreated itself as a music networking site and Internet enthusiasts are keen to see if one of the original networking sites can make a comeback up against Facebook. Ding ding ding – Round 1!

MySpace has become the independent music scene’s Spotify and with the purchase by Specific Media, a search engine and Facebook integrated music player was born. Currently, MySpace has 42 million songs and a library of over 30 million from unsigned artists so there’s more than just mainstream music available online now. Score!

There you have it; Part One of our quest to be on top of things in the social media world. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check out our other articles to stay up to date on everything DStv-Online thrives on.