A handful of brave DStvO staff spent Sunday taking part in Jo’burg’s biggest timed cycle race, the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge. The DStv Online guys joined the Quirk team for a day of sweat, spandex and boerewors.

Reflecting on the Adventure

The water-cooler talk on Monday morning was generally cheery, as everyone recounted their cycling heroics. There were plenty of weary legs in the office and coffee seemed to be the chosen coping mechanism. Looking back though, everybody from DStv Online team should be proud of their efforts.

We’re all chuffed with our results, from our speedsters – who were faster than a fibre connection – and finished the race in just over three hours, to the dial-up granny at the back of the pack (who felt it necessary to stop periodically and tweet race photos.) The DStv Online clan work too hard to find time to train like pros, so everybody’s effort was really amazing.

We joined Quirk team for the event, who we owe a big thanks for managing all the admin and taking care of our empty bellies after the race with both liquids and boerewors rolls. After ninety odd kilometres of cycling past other people’s braais, the fare was much appreciated.

Looking back, it was an awesome day all round. Jo’burgers were out in full force, delivering much-needed support to all the cyclists. Cheering crowds, great tunes and free beverages were all there in abundance. Some of the younger fans even decided to share their Halloween chocolate haul with us.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone involved for an unforgettable experience, especially the incomparable DStv Online team.