Google is amazing, this we know. But somehow they always seem to amaze even us technology buffs at DStv Online. You may or may not know that Google has developed another incredible application that alerts users to the whereabouts of Flu and Dengue Fever outbreaks. You can literally track the prominence of these diseases in the areas that Google tracks.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, Google has found a close correlation between Flu trends, people searching for Flu-related topics online as well as those who are actually suffering from Flu symptoms. While this may not be exactly accurate, a pattern depicts the influx of searches occurring during peak Flu season; perhaps when people are searching for home treatments or further information about symptoms? An estimation can thus be made as to when Flu is entering a particular region by counting how often these strings of searches come up on Google and noting where they come from.

The tracking for Dengue Fever works in very much the same way by alerting people to possible outbreaks. As there is no vaccine or treatment for Dengue Fever, this system of tracking can be used as an invaluable resource for prevention rather than cure.

Planning a trip to the deepest, darkest corner of Africa or perhaps Bolivia? Perhaps you should find out about the prominence of these diseases in the areas you’ll be travelling to before you book your ticket? Arriving in the feverish centre of a Flu outbreak or when the Dengue Fever mosquitoes are about will more than likely ruin your holiday.