Lady Gaga takes to social gaming

Social gaming is an evolution of online gaming that used to be a one-man show. Since the advent of games like Farmville and Cityville, friends and families alike have been able to get involved in each other’s gaming fun taking it to a social level. With the rise in popularity of social games, many businesses and brands have decided to jump on board and garner some of that favourable opinion for their personal use.

Gamers Go Gagaville

Zynga is the company that brought us the likes of Farmville and Cityville and they welcome over 135 million players for these two favourites on a monthly basis. With such an expansive collection of followers, it only seemed fitting to spread the love a little bit further by bringing a celebrity into the mix. According to the New York Times, Lady Gaga used the platform of Farmville to promote her latest album; Born This Way. The end result was Gagaville; a colourful farm next to the players’ own farm in Farmville where a bunch of leather clad motorcycle riding sheep and friendly unicorns were strutting their stuff.

Fans of both Farmville and Lady Gaga were able to complete certain tasks in Gagaville in order to get early downloads of songs that hadn’t yet been released. Lady Gaga might be a shock to most people’s systems, but this lady certainly knows how to take an alternative approach to elevating her personal brand.

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