The popularity of instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp and BBM has completely taken over the mobile market. Within our office at DStv Online, I don’t think there is a single person who isn’t connected via one or the other. Instant messaging for computers has always been a benefit to those who use it, but with the advent of taking it mobile it has proven to be a lucrative market to tap into.

Whatsapp and BBM messages are sent via the Internet making the costs minimal when compared to that of SMS, even when sending your instant messages overseas. Users can also photo-share and set up small chat groups among friends or family.

Facebook have recognised the popularity, convenience and potential behind these applications and have decided to create their very own Facebook Messenger. This app can be used with Android Smartphones and iPhones and is an extension of your Facebook profile. Most people we know have Facebook profiles; in fact it is a prerequisite that our team at DStv Online have their own profiles. This application can, however, also be used to contact people who are in your mobile contacts and not necessarily Facebook friends.

One click gets you to your Facebook Messenger application, type in your friend’s name and start chatting. Messages are delivered to your host of friends via text messages and notifications, so provided your friend has their mobile phone on them, they’ll be chatting back to you in no time. You can download it now from your iPhone or Android appstore. We think it is our duty as the uber-geeks of DStv Online to try it out, so hopefully someone will be reviewing it or handing out more information on the subject soon.

Let us know if you’ve already used the application. We’d love to hear how it works.