When the DStv Online team were informed that our next team-building event would take the form of a potjiekos challenge, dubious glances and sly smiles were shared in equal measure. We were going to be pitted off against each other in a gruelling test of local culinary prowess. We were both terrified and excited.

Something a Little Different

A potjie cook-off certainly represented something a little out of the ordinary as far as team-building events go. We were well-acquainted with the “fire-walking, come sit in a circle and share a little bit too much about yourself” getaways. We were all too familiar with the “muddy adventure course that brings out everybody’s über-competitive dark side” weekend retreat. The DStv online crew were interested to see how a potjie challenge would compare.

Challenge Day

The day eventually arrived and we were ready to build team morale and, more importantly, churn out some awesome potjiekos. The crew was divided into teams, each tasked with producing a delicious dish, and each given a team theme. Highlights included the 70s rock stars, the country and western idols and, perhaps most memorably, the Rastafarians.

Team members quickly began showing distinct personalities. Some were sure that their family potjie recipes were a sure ticket to victory. Others were convinced that they were Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Keith Floyd all rolled into one. Others still were just happy if the day finished without any food-poisoning incidents.

Friendly competitiveness, though, didn’t stand in the way of a good time being had by all. Against the scenic bush backdrop of the Rooihuiskraal venue, friendships were strengthened, morale maximised and great potjiekos was made.

The Final Verdict

There had to be a winner, however. All the teams submitted their potjie dishes for Masterchef-style judging from a panel of discerning palates. In the end, the 70s rock star team were crowned as potjie-masters. The Rastafarians cried foul play, but were quickly appeased by being awarded the “best team spirit” award.

All disputes quickly faded away with the night however, as delicious potjie fare and good times were enjoyed by all.