Innovative paper-thin screen.

As is the true nature of human beings, we are constantly searching for ways to be more innovative. We are always evolving and are forever on the search for new and exciting ways to make our lives easier and to improve our living conditions. At DStv Online, we get this. We know where technology is headed because we follow it so fervently. What we’ve also noticed is happening in line with this innovation, is the dawning of increased simplicity.

The mobile phone for one has advanced and evolved from the age old cellular phone that was the size of a brick, to smartphones that can be considered as personal, pocket computers. They hold all of our contacts, calendars, reminders, photos, music, emails, business dealings etc. In that sense, we have basically combined our laptops, diaries, cameras, cd players and telephones into one neat, little compact piece of technology. We’ve made it simpler, easier and faster to communicate and operate.

Making The Simple Even Simpler

Laptops and computers are constantly becoming more powerful, but they’re shrinking in stature and becoming minimal in their operation. These powerful machines can hold gigabyte upon gigabyte of information, and yet they can be as thin as a notebook. A 2010 technology innovation winner was that of a paper-thin screen, that can bend and flex as paper does while still maintaining its’ picture. The Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute came up with the innovation that just screams simplicity as it weighs next to nothing, can be rolled up and tucked away while also producing an avenue for greater (simpler) things to be invented on its’ foundation.

Simplicity is key, which is understandable with the increased pressure placed on us to perform as human beings. We are all looking for something to help us complete our daily tasks faster, with less baggage, with less interaction from other people or machines but with the most extreme level of intelligence! It seems like a tough call, but technology is proving to meet and raise the bar with every innovation. We are now able to complete many of our daily tasks at the touch of a button.

Can you think of a few innovations that encourage simplicity while empowering incredible levels of technological intelligence? The DStv Online crew would love to hear your feedback