The DStv Online team wanted to bring the real-world adrenaline rush of various games to the online arena. The solution came in the form of SuperPicks- an online game that allows users to predict sports results in a bid to have the longest winning streak.

We sat down with Leonard Ray Khan, DStv Online’s SocialMedia and Gaming Product Owner, to discuss SuperPicks and what it’s like working at DStv Online.

About SuperPicks

1. For first-time readers, tell us what SuperPicksis all about.
SuperPicks is a Multi-sport game. The aim of the game is to build the longest winning run of consecutive correct picks from the daily match-ups provided.

2. Tell us more about the SuperPicks following.
SuperPicks’ users are absolute sports fanatics! They are addicted to SuperPicks and all things sports-related.

3. How have sports fans taken to the SuperPicks game?
Very well, football is still one of the main drivers and recently we found that aquatics is popular. We are a sports crazy nation!

4. What have been some key SuperPicks highlights or developments since the game’s launch?
The positive feedback from the community- especially watching members of the community teaching new users how to play the game.

5. Which games or teams are most popular amongst SuperPicks users?
The UEFA Champions League and Barclays Premier League derby matches generate the most interests amongst SuperPicks users.

6. Do you have any key SuperPicks achievements that you’d like to share with us?
SuperPicks users are loyal- giving the game a shelf life well after the season has ended. The game also has the potential to be a great platform for sponsors during tournaments.

7. The Rugby World Cup is coming up – do you have anything interesting planned for rugby fanatics?
Yes, we have a Rugby World Cup Fantasy League and Score Prediction game in the pipeline. Of course, SuperPicks will also feature several Rugby World Cup games.

8. What can users expect from the SuperPicks team in the coming months?
Users can expect Version 2 of the SuperPicks game which will feature further integration with Facebook. Looking forward, we hope to administrate private pools with cash payouts.

Working at DStv Online

9. What do you find most fulfilling about your job?
Seeing my ideas come to life, working on social media, engaging sports fans, feeling their passion and relating to them.

10. What are some of the highlights of working at DStv Online?
There is nowhere else I would rather be. I’ve worked for DStv for 10 years and I have no regrets!

11. Do you have any other comments or news to share with the readers / users?
If you see a position available at DStv Online, apply for it! If you have the drive and ambition, you will go far and the journey will be rewarding and fun!

Here at DStv Online it’s all about creating a holistic viewing experience. Next time you sit down to watch your favourite team; why not try your hand at SuperPicks? Be careful though- it’s addictive!