This week we’re sitting down with Brendan McNulty- DStv Online’s General Manager for Ogames.com. He chats about the innovative and addictive Ogames.com and life at the DStv Online office.

1. For first time readers, tell us what DStv Ogames.com is all about.
Ogames.com is a collection of great games for your PC and mobile tightly tied to the DStv offering (e.g. Big Brother games). We also look at social media platforms (e.g. Mxit, Facebook) and look at how we can build communities around great games.

2. What kind of games are available to users?
We focus on casual games. What that means is games that take 5 minutes (or 5 hours depending on your preference) to play and appeal to a large audience. Our games are “easy to play, but hard to master”.

3. What are some of Ogames.com’s most popular games?
On the web our most popular game is multiplayer pool; in this game you have the ability to play against other people in pool, chat to them and challenge your friends. Our most popular mobile games are EA’s cricket and FIFA. The sports games are a real hit, especially with the Supersport audience.

4. How is Ogames.com pioneering gaming world?
The Big Brother integration was ground breaking. We had Big Brother themed games that could be played for the duration of the show. Each week, the total amount of points accumulated by the players was used to determine how many treats went into the Big Brother house for the Saturday party.

Life at DStv Online

5. What do you find most fulfilling about your job?
We’re providing a fun product for people to take a break from their lives. We’re in a unique position to create a tailored games service in a developing market.

6. What are some of the highlights of working at DStv Online?
Working here allows us to do fun projects and gives us the chance to influence shows, work together with great brands, get our ads on TV and work within Africa. The scope of what can be done within a fast moving environment is exciting.

Check out Ogames.com now to try your hand at a variety of casual games. Think you have what it takes to join Brendan and the rest of the team at DStv Online? Be sure to view the positions currently available.