The Oppikoppi Gates

Bright eyed and ready for the full Oppikoppi experience, the DStv Online team met at the office on a sunny Saturday morning, backpacks, tents, cooler boxes, camp masters and cameras in hand, feeling like school kids about to go on a field trip on Civvies Day.

Before we knew it, we had arrived at the glorious Oppikoppi gates. After checking in, we received our Oppi survival kits and set about the mammoth task of pitching a tent. It wasn’t easy – but we did it! Once the tent was up we set out to play with the Oppikoppi masses.

Thought we couldn't pitch a tent?

There were all kinds of freaks, posers, groupies and over-friendly strangers with two things in common: dirt and extensive alcohol intake. Getting anyone to speak sensibly in front of the camera proved challenging but we managed to get a few quality interviews with people in the crowd.


An over-friendly stranger

Over in the media area we rubbed shoulders with (i.e. interviewed) some of the even scored an interview with Sum 41! We took loads of photos and tweeted the happenings of the festival. The bands were awesome although it was hard to sit through an entire performance since the DStv team is afflicted with a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

We saw bits of Zebra and Giraffe, Gazelle, Zakes Bantwini, Karen Zoid, Jax Panic and many more- their amazing talent made me appreciate just how awesome our local music scene really is.

The next morning we awoke pounding to last night’s beat. We soon discovered that taking a tent down was even less fun than pitching it, but we managed and were on our way home.