For 6 months, DStv has been toiling away to produce a rad, new and improved website – this post outlines the thinking behind the changes, the tech and functionality awesomeness, the motivation behind the madness and most of all, the great benefits this shiny new site will bring us users. Their main goal when it came to the usability of the site was align the online brand with the one the customers (you and me) are familiar with, while appealing to newbies, of course! From what Byron and Rhys from DStv shared, it seems they’ve done just that.

Changes and challenges

Aside from the look and feel, changes were made to the way the TV Guide works – allowing the team to constantly update and add new features and enhancements (like the cool guide slider with TV highlights on the home page). DStv’s TV catch up service, ON DEMAND, is also featured. There’s also the addition of the nifty Buzz news section, where you can get your fix of the latest news and gossip from the showbiz and music world. On the note of music, you’ll also see that the site now has the addition of the Omusic widget (where you can see DStv’s top ten songs).

Research into what their audience is after resulted in more entertainment news and feature rich content – providing fresher articles, more videos and sharper, better quality images. For example, you can now check out video trailers and inserts which also give you access to cool related links and content. The site’s also become more friendly and social – linking to their Facebook (it’s so hot right now) and Twitter page. This functionality that includes comments and full Facebook integration has been done to make it easier for to get stuck in the online conversations about TV, movies and music. And, if you’re observant you’ll see that this new platform also features ad space and the Kalahari shop.

Let’s get techie

The site’s platform is replicated in Europe to improve the connection speed for international traffic as well as African-based traffic. Through some splashing out on top of the line hardware, they’re able to handle thousands more connections! Basically, they’ve ensured that any catastrophic failure in their local environment has no affect on the user’s experience (as the site automatically fails over to another server). How nifty is that?

What’s up in the future?

The team working on are constantly keeping their creative juices flowing when it comes to new ideas and content. They’re a smart bunch, staying connected to the audience and the online entertainment environment. They’re going to keep on moulding this fantastic site into the great portal they want it to be – based on what YOU, the users need! You ain’t seen nothing yet – so make sure to keep an eye out on the site to see the other cool features the DStv team has up their sleeve! Go and check it out now and share your thoughts below!