Behind the scenes over the last few months our clever designers, developers and editors have been hard at work on a new website – and we’re just about ready to launch it. We’re proud of what we’ve done in terms of improving the user experience, making it social and offering all sorts of valuable extras. Have a sneak peak at our pre-release version at

Graeme Cumming, our GM of Portals (that’s and, had this to say: ‘At DStv Online, we know that TV experiences are becoming richer every day through extra functionality available online. Customers want one continuous experience platform to platform, TV to web. This is a global trend, and we’re excited about launching a truly integrated entertainment website”.

The new features an all new TV guide, entertainment gossip, social networking integration, featured shows, an easier way to manage your DStv account… and much more. Try it out; we hope you’ll love it.

Please bear in mind, it is a work in progress and we’re still making tweaks and adding functionality. We’d love to know what you think of it (we made it for you, after all), so please give us your feedback on our forum.